Quality Policy


  • Our drive to provide the best solutions and the best price/quality ratio to our Customers, leads us to continuously evolve technologically, not only on the Engineering and Manufacturing of Hot Runners Systems but on auxiliary equipment as well.
  • Listen to our customers’ needs and offer a wide range of products with regard to arrange for optimum and new solutions.
  • Constant upgrading of the machinery and the production equipment.


  • Increase Customer’s Satisfaction:
    –          Reduce the causes of product’ complaints, so that Hot Runner Systems and its auxiliary equipment meet Customer’s demands and expectations along with its security prerequisites and relevant regulations.
    –          Enhance the productive capacity together with the on-time deliveries of our Product, which will translate into a significant decrease of production non-compliances.


  • Increase employees’ satisfaction by promoting proximity/sense of family and team spirit amongst all.
  • Promote and provide employees training to assure a constant development of skills.
  • Promote good work conditions, just as stability and security of employment.


  • Involve suppliers in our organization’s principles and values to preserve a relation of partnership, proximity and stability with mutual benefits.


  • Promote internal communication in a way that it is possible to ensure continuous improvement such as the effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s processes and the Quality Management System.

 Marinha Grande, 05-03-2021


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