Manifold System

    Manifold System

Manifold System

  • YUDO does not ask customer to hardly select for numerous parts related to manifold, customer just provides basic information, then YUDO will manufacture and supply the entire parts of manifold.

Machanical features

  • Depending upon the specification of the plastic material, YUDO uses 3 different types of steel in order to comply with any chemical or mechanical requirements of the manifold.
  • YUDO designs and manufactures manifolds to reflect the customer exact requirements, hence manufacturing will not proceed, until the customer has approved the design.

Thermodynamical features

  • Sheath heaters, specially designed and manufactured by YUDO are inserted on both of operating surfaces of the manifold.
  • The copper alloy is then molded on the top of the heaters.
  • This process enables YUDO to optimize the temperature of the gate area, to within ±1% of the set temperature.
  • In order to minimize heat transfer between the manifold and the mold, YUDO use only components ( riser pads) produced from low conductivity powdered metals.

Rheological featuresz

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