Integrated Control System

  • Available to controlthe temperature and the Sequence Injection Timer
  • Availble to manage the injection condition for each Mold as well the files and log
  • The central control system for for multi CW991 throughnetwork

Easy To Use

  • User friendly Color Touch LCD equipped with MMI
  • To prevent the error setting,the authority code is provided to each user


  • The optimized zone for the wide variety of injection environment
  • Available to provode the special function upon customer’s request


  • 16 criteria internal safely inspections
  • CE certification, UL approved


  • The high precision and speed PID control system is applicable to the wide variety of injection environment. (±0.018℉(±0.01℃)/20ms)
  • The Self Auto-Tuning mode to sense each heater”s property
  • The Inter-Lock function is relatedto IMM protects Mold and prevents faulty products
  • The Audto Standby function is linked to the injection signal of Injection machine
  • When the temperature control sensor malfunctions,PV/MV Bypass enables the other one to play the role instead
  • The Soft Start function to protect heater from the cold staring
  • The Saving system for error occurrence and operating history