• Easy to manage and control
  • The wide and uniform Visibility with the High-brightness LED


  • The independent temperature controller is applicable to the wide injecting ranging from Low voltage nozzle ti large capacity manifold.(2~24 Zone)
  • The Inter-Lock function that is related to IMM protects Mold and prevents faulty products
  • The Precise temperature control within±0.018℉ (±0.01℃) tolerance
  • The Soft start function to protect heater from the cold starting
  • THE Manual & Auto Standby function


  • The Self Auto Tuning mode for fast temeperature rise and its stabilization (Quick/Full tuning)

Reliability & Safety

  • Highly reliable hardware which has the Surge/over-voltage protection circuit
  • 17 internal safety inspection function
  • CE certification, UL approved