BOLD3 is a controller that can control 12 zones comprehensively and shows off compact size and sturdy style.
It has a structure that the bumper cover interlocks up and down based on the 12-zone integrated control.
It also has expandability that can control 24 zones when stacked in second layer.
It considers user interface adopting high-intensity blue LCD that matches user’s eye level.


  • Integrated control (maximum of 12 zones) using high-intensity blue LCD (240 x 128).
  • Easy and intuitive MMI using nine keys.
  • Operation condition display using a two-color LED (blue and red).
  • Compact size compared with the maximum number of zones.
  • Protection from external impact by adopting bumper cover.
  • Sturdy (bold) style design.
  • Display operating part that gives sophisticated image with black high-glossy panel.
  • High-precision PID control that is suitable for various injection environments.
  • Self-turning that detects heater’s property (quick/full).
  • Highly reliable hardware that strengthens the overvoltage protection function.
  • With a total of 18 kinds of safety self-diagnosis function.

Main functions

  • Easy checking of defects by adopting a two-color (blue and red) LED
  • Operation/stop, standby, and boost function using the hot key
  • Separate setting screen for the field user and the supervisor to keep security
  • Soft start function for service life extension and protection of heater
  • Damage prevention via monitoring exothermic condition of control part
  • Support various languages, including Korean and English